Large Scale Water Generator

Large Scale unit (LS) is an industrial scale Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)

Requiring no infrastructure but electricity. The Large Scale System is literally a plug-and-drink solution, aimed for schools, hospitals, commercial/residential buildings, whole villages, factories and off-grid settlements, providing a robust and renewable source for fresh, clean drinking water.

LS Generator can potentially service millions around the world, eliminating their need to “hunt” for water every day, providing water independence and social stability.

LS Generator system has a multi-barrier air filtration cascade, ensuring high-quality water generation regardless of the air quality, and a built-in treatment facility for physical, biological and chemical water purification and a water reservoir with continuously circulating water to keep it fresh over time.

Solution for cities

A family requires only 20 liters per day for drinking while the average overall water consumption of a family can reach 300–500 liters per day (for showers, laundry, dishwashing).

In cities or areas where the municipal water system is either not safe for drinking or the water quality is inconsistent, Watergen LS solution can offer a water source separation concept.

Installing a Large Scale unit on roof-tops of commercial or residential buildings creates safe and renewable local drinking water reservoirs, directly servicing each building  using simple and independent water infrastructure system that delivers fresh drinking water directly to the family’s kitchen sink, while using the municipal water for all other uses.

This concept, if adopted on a wide scale, can offer decentralization of the city’s water infrastructure, creating citywide renewable water reservoirs, making it much more robust and independent.


Large scale water generation at night

In most countries during the night electricity costs plummet due to off-peak rates.

Atmospheric conditions are also beneficial for water generation, because air is colder with higher relative humidity, requiring less energy to extract.

Selective operating Watergen Large Scale AWG during night creates a dual synergy that can drastically reduce water generation costs.

A modular and scalable solution

The Large Scale systems are built as modular units, enabling fast and easy integration of multiple units together into water generation farms to facilitate growing and changing water requirements.

Several Large Scale units can be fitted in one container, facilitating fast and easy transportation and water production salacity.

  • Two LS systems can easily fit into a 20′ container, four into 40′ container.
  • Estimated water production: ~ 12,000 L/day for 20′ and ~ 24,000 L/day for 40′.

Large Scale


  • A single unit generates over 5,000L of clean fresh water every day.
  • Plug and drink solution — requiring no infrastructure but electricity, can be easily installed anywhere.
  • Ideal for countries, cities and communities that relay on bottled water.
  • Water Generation Efficiency: 350Wh/L at world standard conditions (27°C and 60%RH).
  • Complies with all required standards: World Health organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Large Scale


Water generation capacity: up to 5,000L/day (at world standard conditions)

Water purification: 3 layers, phisical, biological and chemical

Power: 3 phase 380V/50Hz

Power consumption:  ~ 45 kW/H

Dimensions: 2.25×2.21×2.85 m

Weight:  2,900 kg (empty)